Language Skills

| Advanced/Fluent

  • Attended two full years of university in German language
  • Hold degree in German Literature
  • Hold German language certificate from Philipps Universität Marburg and from the Carl Duisburg Gesellschaft International

Spanish | Advanced/Fluent

  • Worked part-time, contractually in university department various years
  • Freelance translator/editor for multiple companies

Chinese | Elementary

  • Attended year of Chinese language classes at Chinese university, gained lower-intermediate level certificate
  • Spoke daily Mandarin Chinese on the street, in the student's residence, etc.

French | Intermediate Reading

Technical/Software Skills

Machine Learning, Text/Data Mining, Semantic Annotation |
Advanced GATE Certified Text Analyst, GATE 6.1 (June, 2011)


Weka Data Mining & Machine Learning

General | Macintosh, PC & Linux platforms; MS Office/Open Office suite, FTP protocols, telnet, basic UNIX; Virtual PC (Parallels, VMWare)

Web | Advanced xHTML and CSS; Intermediate PHP, JavaScript/jQuery Library, XML, XLST, RSS; MAMP/XAMPP; Advanced Adobe Dreamweaver; Coda, BBEdit; Basic Java & JAPE (Java Annotation Pattern Engine)

Asset Management & CMS  | Extensis Digital Asset Management, Apple Aperture, Sinar CaptureShot; Drupal CMS, WordPress CMS, DSpace, ContentDM

Database | Intermediate SQL/MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Microsoft Access, Filemaker Pro, SPARQL

Design | Intermediate Adobe CS3: Photoshop & Illustrator; GIMP; iMovie

Library & Metadata | OCLC Connexion, RefWorks, EndNote; MARC, Dublin Core, RDF, OWL, Sesame, Protogé, Oxygen XML, Proton

Statistical | SPSS, JMP, StatView, LISREL, SAS

Other | Psychology Measurement (PsyScope, EPrime)


Present Classification Consultant

My work at NameMedia, Inc. is a contractual, part-time tele-commuting position. NameMedia purchases, manages and sells Internet domain names, and advertises the domains it parks.  It runs and operates sites like and for domain buyers, but also many enthusiast websites such as,,,,, and, among others.

My responsibilities include weekly taxonomy updates. The taxonomy system is a two-level (parent-child) hierarchy of terms into which each domain name is classified accordingly. Each domain name is assigned to one (and only one) position in the taxonomy. Employees and potential buyers can browse these categories on, for instance,
The uploaded names first require auto-categorisation: a set of ML algorithms word-split and stem the compound domain names using lexical analysis (using WordNet); then, based on internal dictionaries and thesauri, appropriate categorisation within the taxonomy is machine-inferred. My main task is to manage this output and correct for category/classification errors when necessary; to update the dictionary/thesaurus for more accurate classification, and serve to advise other employees at NameMedia regarding the taxonomy system. Additionally, I collaborate on other taxonomy-based jobs, such as image-classification and the streamlined classification techniques of large private client domain name portfolios (e.g., taxonomy mapping).

Spring 2008 Digital photography and digital archiving internship

Full-time, two months. Position included the operation of production-level studio photography equipment (Sinar CaptureShot software suite) for the digitisation of historical documents. Responsibilities included the photography of maps and travel posters, but mostly the photographic plates of the Boston Herald-Traveler photojournalist Leslie Jones (whose work spans from 1917 to 1956). Additionally, I helped/learned about the development and application of metadata schemes, color-management and digital reproduction standards.

As a self-initiated extension of this project, I solely and voluntarily developed a digital library of Leslie Jones’ life work using the Drupal CMS into which I import the 30,000+ images and associated metadata that comprise the collection. The digital library website can be found at:

Work included the development of all stages of the digital library website. This included the overall design (CSS) of the site, and the Drupal configuration of the content fields, image views and slideshows; this includes the taxonomic vocabularies, faceted search mechanisms, tagging/tag clouds, jQuery menus, and site indexing. More about the project can be found here.

Summer 2008 Image Library Intern

Responsible for photographic and text archiving of newspaper publication across three daily editions. Used Extensis Portfolio Digital Asset Management System. Duties included organising, uploading, archiving and indexing daily staff/AP photos with associated metadata by employing library-developed standards and a controlled vocabulary to facilitate search and identification. At times, assisted writers in library research.

2003 - present Researcher/Translator

As a continuation of my graduate studies in cognitive psychology, I went to do research in mental models and deductive reasoning with Juan Garcia Madruga of the UNED in Madrid, Spain.  I continued to carry out some of my own research in cultural psychology and counterfactual/verbal reasoning, but also assisted Professor Madruga in the online implementation of his own studies. Here, I wrote basic Perl/CGI scripts embedded in HTML controlled questionnaires for what was then quite innovative in social scientific data collection.

In 2006 I decided to finish my graduate studies ABD in cognitive psychology for a career in digital information and library management. To fund these changes, I work to this day as a Spanish-English translator and editor.  Professor Madruga's team (and often his colleagues from similar institutions) send me academic articles for publication, posters, announcements and letters for either substantial English language editing or Spanish to English translation.  I usually charge between .05 to .09 cents a word (Euros) for translation and receive anywhere from approximately 50 to 300 pages (single space) in a year. Samples are available.

2003 - 2007 English Teacher

Taught English to adolescents and adults at the upper-intermediate and advanced level. Often, this work consisted of freelance jobs around Madrid, to individuals and companies. My most stable business clients consisted of PlasticsEurope España, SAP, Lubrizol, and Clean Tech Consulting. Some contacts still available.

Classroom teaching began at Ready English Centre (now defunct) for one year, and then continued at United Languages Madrid for 3+ years ( This entailed approximately 16 contact hours a week and included full preparation and evaluation for classes of 5 to 12 students each. Classes were composed of listening and reading comprehension, as well as writing and conversation exercises from material ranging from systematic textbook/workbook guidance to more naturalistic materials and settings (newspapers, reports, essays, literature and film etc.). Teaching included private individual and group classes on TEFL and Advanced Certificate exams, and/or more specialised interest including résumé and interview preparation, phone and college/university interviews, and business/academic presentations.

I gained expert knowledge of English grammar. My teaching style utilised methods of linguistic analysis, such that students were encouraged to find rules/exceptions themselves through example generation and critical thinking. Strong use of etymological patterns, metaphors of mind (esp. for phrasal verbs), and cultural knowledge in idiomatic expressions.

2000 - 2003 Graduate Student Research/Teaching Assistant

Designated ABD (Ph.D. candidate) in cognitive psychology. Research in multiple laboratories conducting studies in causal/counterfactual and analogical reasoning, behavioral law & economics, and cultural psychology. Significant coursework in social psychology and statistics, including multivariate, linear and dynamic modeling (structural equation modelling), SAS programming, and various experimental/survey methodologies.  Master’s thesis entitled:  Structural Factor Modeling of a Disgust Sensitivity Scale.

Taught laboratory component of Research Methods & Statistics class for psychology undergraduates (five semesters), instructing students in experimental design, statistics with SPSS, data collection and presentation, and scientific writing; also served as a teaching assistant for introductory courses.

Oversaw creation of comprehensive archive of PDF files of over 500 scientific articles in social and cognitive psychology for internal laboratory use. Made resource available as both a searchable Microsoft Access database as well as an Endnote library (reference management system). Maintained laboratory of eight Macintosh OS9 computers, installing firewalls, updating software, and securing data and file-sharing networks and led transition to OSX.

1998 - 2000 Research Assistant/Lab Manager

Main researcher responsible for project on deception in human participants as alternative to conventional lie-detection. This  resulted in a publication documenting the differences between episodic autobiographical spontaneous lying versus self-focused rehearsed lying, as per activation in relevant brain areas.

My task was to develop the overall methodological apparatus, mostly consisting of self/other-directed stories crossed with spontaneous/rehearsed stories regarding well known life-episodes (e.g., vacation stories). I trained and tested participants on the protocol; programmed/recorded the resulting individually tailored audio-video stimuli (using PsyScope software) and its synchronisation--to the millisecond--with fMRI technology activation at McLean Hospital; scheduled/tested participants while being scanned; and conducted preliminary data analysis in SPSS/StatView. 

Assisted with other mental imagery studies; helped create and maintain a database of laboratory participants; wrote various grant proposals and scientific reports; assisted professor with presentations and bibliographic research; helped write Internal Review Board/Human Subject protocols. Also, supervised 5+ undergraduate thesis students doing research work on topics affiliated with lab research.

Talks & Poster Presentations

Stose, S. J. (June, 2005). Verbal deduction. Talk presented at the workshop Research on Thinking, Language and Working Memory (Investigaciones sobre pensamiento, lenguaje y memoria operativa), Facultad de Psicología, UNED, Madrid, Spain.

Spellman, B. A. & Stose, S. J. (August, 2003). Regret is both a counterfactual and causal emotion. Talk presented at the annual meeting SPUDM (Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making) conference, Zürich, Switzerland.

Stose, S. J. & Spellman, B. A. (November, 2002). A causal definition of counterfactual regret. Poster presented at the annual meeting for the Society for Judgment and Decision Making, Kansas City, MS.

Spellman, B. A. & Stose, S. J. (November 2002). Regret is both a counterfactual and causal emotion. Poster presented at the 42nd annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Kansas City, MS.

Kincannon, A. & Stose, S. J. (2001). Dual process theories in cognitive psychology. Dept colloquium.

Stose, S. J. (2001). Intuitive vs. rational processes in moral judgment: A forced reaction-time approach. Dept colloquium.

Stose, S. J. & Algoe, S. (1999). Heaven and Hell: The role of elevation and disgust in moral judgment. Dept colloquium.